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Start a profitable blog today and make money in no time.

For a real money-making blog? Choose a niche.

Okay, so before you get stuck here. I suggest reading how blogging can get your heart’s desire” this will help you decide.

Write a single niche blog Or multi-niche. You can do either of the two. A niche blog is targetted that is great if you have specific skills talent or hobby anything that you have a command.

But if you have so much to offer, or have so many things you like, a lifestyle blog would Always be a good choice. You can make money with a multi-niche blog and that only targetted niche blog can only make money.

1. Setup Your Blog.

Set up a blog using WordPress and Bluehost if you are planning to use a free hosting blog.

Google only ranks blog posts from blogs with a reliable hosting site with a unique domain name. Ad networks and Affiliates won’t accept you if you will use a free blogging site. So a personal domain is required which cost some money.

Top bloggers use Bluehost. Simply because It’s reliable, easy to use, and it will only cost you about $3.95/monthly. Here’s a step by step process on how you can set up a blogand domain name with Bluehost in just minutes.

Choose a the right theme. Readers use cellphones when surfing the net. So theme should be completely responsive to make it mobile friendly.

Divifrom Elegant theme is good enough because it is perfect for a non-techy person, it’s’ pretty easy to set up.

Plus the fact that it’s amazingly beautiful and of course responsive. It also comes with a ready-made theme if you don’t want to start from scratch. Very Ideal for beginners.

2. Write blog posts-

Before you officially market your blog and start promoting. Write at least 20-30 blog posts in advance. This will help you prepare for the months to come. Post once or twice a week. This will help you to focus more on marketing your blog.

Just write what readers would want to read. If you are a fashion blogger. Don’t just write about your favorite shoes, clothes. ( although that’s fine if you’re writing a review post) Write something very helpful.

Remember to be able to get readers, Think like a reader. What would I Google about? What would fashion readers would google about this season, this month, etc. When you do that. You’ll start to grow followers, readers. More readers mean more traffic. You now officially own a money-making blog.

3. Create a Pinterest account-

Start with Pinterest before you start promoting in any other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Your traffic will increase through pinterest very fast than any other social networking site.

-It’s easy you should make awesome pins. Pins that Pinterest loves.

-Your Pinterest pins last longer than Facebook Posts. Pinterest pins are evergreen it lasts for months and months as long as someone saves it can be seen.

-It will surely help you monetize your blog in many aspects. You can read how to create awesome pins to guide you on making click-worthy pins that drive traffic easily.

4. Drive traffic to your blog.

Now that your blog is all set up. We need traffic now ASAP. And because you are new you have to get those posts in front of the right people. There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog. But better start with these two: Social Media and Mailing List.

Automate your pinning and it is possible on Pinterest account. It’s not all the time you can pin every single day. That’s why Tailwind is this most reliable Pin scheduler that will automatically double your traffic.

Especially if you are starting a new blog. It’s like “set and forget” You just need an hour or two to schedule a whole month of pins. Start scheduling here.

You can also subscribe to get any free Pinterest traffic course on how you can increase your traffic.

Get any FREE Pinterest Traffic E-course! Packed with all the tried and tested steps and tips that will enhace your Pinterest Traffic.

5. Start A Mailing list

When you go to a blog they often ask you to subscribe. And readers subscribe when they are interested in what you can offer/help/guide them. This is one of the essentials of blogging. Two reasons: TRAFFIC and MONEY.

Traffic- Mailing list will help you get those readers to come back to your blog. You have to take note that not all first-time readers would want to go back to your blog. Not all readers would remember your blog. (Tons of blogs all over the internet) Emails can remind them of you. Money- And because these are targeted people that subscribe to you.

They are more likely to buy something you offer. This is how you can get sales with little traffic or even a small following of your blog. You can start with #Mailerlite. It’s noob-friendly and very easy to use. This is perfect for beginners.

6. Monetize your blog-

Advertise in the beginning. Sign up for Adsense. If you are a new blogger. This is the first stage of how you can make money with your blog. Through ads. Adsense, however, wanted a blog that is more than just a month and with worth-reading posts

As your blog grow, you can apply for other networks and affiliates. This will help you earn more and start monetizing your blog. You can check my latest post on how you can get the money rolling on a new blog fast.

I don’t know about you guys but I believe that prayers move mountains. And I’m walking proof of that. So yes start better start praying.  We all need that back up from above.

Passion and patience are a combination of a successful blog. We all want to make money. That’s the reality. But you have to be determined and passionate about what you do.

Blogging is just like a job. If you got hired and you work hard, loved your job you will soon reap your success with promotions or salary increase.